Dr. M. Muntasir Rahman

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Dr. M. Muntasir Rahman received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Applied Technology from the School of Engineering Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, in 2019 under the CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship program. His Ph.D. dissertation title was "RGB-D Object Detection and Recognition Based on Deep Learning Technique". During his Ph.D. he also received the "Excellent International Graduate Award of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences - 2019". Moreover, he has a patent for his Ph.D. work and some publication in SCI journals.

Currently, he is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Islamic University, Bangladesh. His current research areas focus on Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Analysis.


Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science, Python Programming, Operating System, System Analysis and Design, Networking, C/C+.

Research Interests

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis.


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